The New Frontier of Climate Action:

Converging influential global stakeholders around actionable climate opportunities in Asia and beyond.

The United Nations Climate Change Conference represents a moment to catalyse climate action and scale solutions to meet our climate goals. To that end, the Climate Leaders Assembly is designed on having substantive discussions on key topics that can accelerate the global movement to net zero and Asia’s active role in that imperative.

Organised on the first day of COP, the event convenes not more than 150 global leaders from finance, business, investment, NGOs, and diverse communities across borders and sectors, including banks, industrial corporations, technology firms, sovereign wealth funds, government agencies and NGOs. Our non-transferrable invitations are sent to some of the world’s most relevant and influential CEOs and C-suite leaders aligned with the event’s goals and themes, curated to maximise dialogues and impact and promotion of synergistic connections by participants.

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